Mobile Plumbing Services for Rural and Country Towns

Plumbers and Gasfitters Bunbury are here to help rural communities and country towns with all of their plumbing needs. We are committed to providing outstanding work that adheres to all Australian regulations and requirements. We have the tools and expertise to provide all of our plumbing services to any home or business throughout Western Australian cities as well as small country towns and rural locations.

For people living in rural Australia, it can be hard to find reliable services when they’re needed. There are many reasons why someone living in country WA might need the services of the team at Plumbers and Gasfitters Bunbury. Not every country town will even have a plumber. They also may only have one or two available and if those plumbers are servicing a whole town they can get booked up pretty quickly. Maybe the only plumber in town has gone on holiday or maybe they just aren’t that reliable.

When you need reliable plumbing services quickly and efficiently we are the team to call. As a large plumbing company with many employees, we are typically more equipped than the average individual offering plumbing services. We are mobile and able to offer all of our services to anyone in WA. There may be travel costs incurred depending on your location.

We are able to provide all of our regular plumbing and gasfitting services to rural and country towns:

Hot Water System Replacements and Repairs

We are able to travel to rural and remote locations to entirely replace hot water systems with newer ones that will last a minimum of 10 years. We can install any type of hot water system be it solar, gas, electric or heat pump etc. We can also provide hot water system repairs to most existing hot water systems in country towns.

General Plumbing

We can provide a huge range of general plumbing services like stormwater system installations, pre-build drainage and excavation, installation or repairs of internal plumbing fixtures, backflow testing and maintenance as well as blocked drain fixes and specialised leak detection.

Emergency Plumbing

We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to bring an extensive range of emergency plumbing services to individuals living in rural WA. Plumbing is integral to any home or business so don’t settle for anything but the best when you are looking for a plumber. We can provide emergency repairs and maintenance, fixing roof leaks, burst pipes, replacing taps or fixing gas leaks.

Gas Works

We can provide gasfitting and all related aspects of gas works to rural WA. This includes gas leak detection and repairs, installation of gas appliances, connections and conversions, installing gas hot water systems, repairing gas appliances, installing gas fittings or adjusting pressure.


We are also able to assist with and set up plumbing for kitchen bathroom and laundry renovations in rural and country homes.

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